May 2, 2023

What's the problem?

How to frame the problem in your videos and position yourself as the problem solver and expert.

The temptation with making videos to promote yourself is that you want to say how great you are at x, y or z.

The truth is though, that the majority of people watching your videos have found them because they are searching for a solution to a particular problem. So we always recommend starting with the problem or problems that you can solve. This is for two main reasons:
1. By starting with the problem you confirm to the viewer that the video is the one they should be watching straight away without wasting their time. It piques their interest and they stay to see if you are the people that can help them.
2. Beginning with the problem and being honest about the pain that those problems can cause long term if not addressed, allows you to position yourselves as the experts who can solve the problem.

The temptation is to be hyper focused on the positives of you and your work, which is important to touch on, but all the best stories ever told revolve around a central conflict, whether that’s the hero saving the town or you solving your customer’s problem.

How to reframe your company story through video

Good books or stories tend to set the scene with the problem, and the engaging part of the story is seeing how that problem is resolved.

 If the book was just about how great the hero was and then they solve the problem at the end and everything turns out fine, you might find nobody is still listening. 

So, start with the problem.

So, start with the problem. Show how you are the hero, and how you resolve that particular problem. It’s much more engaging, whilst still explaining how you work and what you’re good at. Trust us, your audience will thank you for it.

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